Maintenance in Europe

Maintenance in Europe


mgw Service continues to expand its network of workshops!

Since the beginning of the year, mgw Service has been providing maintenance for 41 locomotives for Swedish operator Hector Rail under a five-year contract.

To carry out this contract, mgw Service has adapted its network of workshops so as to optimise the locomotive journeys for Hector Rail, which is working in new regions in Sweden and Norway. mgw Service is also reactivating and gradually developing its network of workshops in Belgium and the Netherlands. The company is currently establishing new contacts with workshops in central Europe, including Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania, where Akiem now has several locomotives in action. The opening of a new mgw Service office in France, in Strasbourg, is also the opportunity to put in place a network of workshops in the country. Discussions are under way and should soon bring results. Expanding and adapting the Italian network is also being looked into…



The end goal is to reduce customers’ travel distance to our workshops and be as close to them as possible – everywhere, always, 100% of the time!

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