Professional, engaged and close to our customers: these are the values the Group’s teams put into practice every day as they work with our customers to help them solve the challenges they face.


Our values

Our values are our strength: agility and entrepreneurial flair, partnering and assisting our customers everywhere, always, 100%.


This is part of what makes us different and one of the keys to improving performance. We constantly encourage innovation in the services we deliver on your behalf and in how we manage our investments.

Our commitment: a long-term strategy that delivers performance for all, to shareholders, customers, staff and partners.



The expertise to meet your challenges. We are committed to constantly extending and expanding our range of skills to align with our customers’ expectations.

Close to you

The closeness that marks the relationships between our staff and our day-to-day relationships with our service providers, partners and customers is a powerful driver for efficiency and responsiveness.

People, their career paths, safety and health lie at the heart of everything we do. The decisions we take are informed by the impact they will have on the environment.

Our quality, safety and ethics code of conduct

Akiem Group guarantees the reliability and long-term nature of its commitment to the industry with a management policy focused on:


Measuring and piloting the Group’s performance.

  • Being as close as possible to our customers and ensuring their satisfaction
  • Managing and piloting everything we do in full accordance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements
  • Constantly developing and improving our capacity for anticipation, responsiveness and innovation


Firmly at the centre of our organisation and all our operations and a top priority for our staff.

  • Ensuring all Akiem entities are managed in compliance with EU/445/2011 (ECM Safety Regulation)
  • Selecting and rolling out a network of partners and contractors qualified to meet the ECM requirements that apply to all Group entities
  • Engaging with everybody in the business to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff


Respecting all applicable rules and laws at all times and acting in an ethically responsible manner

  • Promoting respect and integrity in all business dealings and in all relationships within the Group
  • Respecting laws and regulations in all circumstances


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Our brands

Akiem (leasing) and mgw Service (maintenance) assist railway operators and industrial companies with the acquisition and maintenance of their rolling stock, leaving them free to concentrate on their core business. Find out more
Our brands


Akiem Group governance protects the interests of its shareholders and the missions entrusted to the Group’s business units, ensuring that the very strictest standards are always applied. Find out more