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Akiem Group focuses on two complementary activities: locomotive leasing and locomotive maintenance. Either separately or jointly, Akiem and mgw Service assist railway operators and industrial companies to acquire and maintain their rolling stock.


  1. Akiem, locomotive leasing and associated services

A major player in the European locomotive leasing market, Akiem designs and delivers railway traction solutions. Fully focused on innovation, Akiem is continuously looking for improvements that combine quality with efficiency and safety.
Combining deep-seated technical knowledge with innovative financial expertise, Akiem offers a broad range of services that can be tailored to fit any project, helping its customers throughout Europe to deliver higher levels of performance.


This turnkey solution combines reliability, flexibility and visibility for budget management. Akiem takes care of everything, from leasing the locomotive to delivering and maintaining it, including resource management. The Full-service solution lets you focus on your core business in total confidence.

Dry lease

The locomotive lease-only product that leaves operators totally free to manage their solution. Other services can be added with great flexibility.


Solutions for specific projects, such as the acquisition of rolling stock fleets or sale and leaseback operations, backed by the Group’s full range of engineering skills, specialist expertise and financial innovations..


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mgw Service, locomotive maintenance

A leading player in locomotive maintenance, mgw Service, designs and deploys custom solutions that meet the strictest safety standards to ensure the reliability of your rolling stock, wherever and whenever.


This turnkey formula transfers all risks and costs associated with vehicle breakdown to mgw Service. The result: long-term budgeting with no surprises and guaranteed safety and quality.


While regular preventive maintenance provides the basis for safe operation of rolling stock, gradual wear and tear requires scheduled major inspections. mgw Service carries out full revisions as determined by manufacturers’ maintenance plans.


Standard maintenance operations delivered as part of Full-service contracts can also be provided to order as needed. The solution that delivers total freedom.

Components and spart parts

With a comprehensive inventory of spare parts and components from most rolling stock and equipment manufacturers, mgw Service provides outstanding availability, advising and supporting maintenance teams in every way they need.


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